PDF What Do I See?: Biblical Values (I Can Read!)

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  1. The Best Christian Children's Books Teaching Biblical Values
  2. The Best Christian Children’s Books Teaching Biblical Values
  3. 1. Read the Bible: It contains God’s will for our lives

This will help! That we choose to show them things that are beautiful, noble, and that highlight good character. Reading to children is one of the best gifts we can give our kids. It gives us a medium to tell them beautiful stories, teach them history, and share important time together. As they get older, it gives you a way to help discuss the important things in life. Keep a basket of books in your bathrooms by the toilet yes, I said that!

Here are some of my favorite Bibles that we have in our home as well as others that are highly recommended bestsellers. I tend to love the Jesus Storybook Bible below the most because the imagery is so beautiful. My daughter reads another version for her homeschooling curriculum pros and cons of homeschooling here and to me, the most important thing, is to get them hearing these stories at an early age. We bought our kids their own individual Bibles as they are able to read them.

The Best Christian Children's Books Teaching Biblical Values

We have bought a few devotionals over the years and they are great to help draw out some conversation around certain topics. Sometimes they are easier to help introduce the Word of God to kids because they will take a verse and focus a short applicable story around that. Very good starting off point for asking questions and getting kids to think about how the Bible is not separate from life, but a guide to life.

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To narrow down a message to something even children can understand. Digging deep in one area allows you to really talk it through and establish the concept on your heart. They are easy to read, easy to listen to, and help children look to and listen for higher order topics. Overall, these are great books to keep on your bookshelves and in your book baskets. So these books are either written by Christian theologians or are safe if you are wanting your children to branch out in reading, but make sure the content is something you approve of. These are basically classics the world over that have stood the test of time.

I love reading books that give book lists at the back. The books are high quality, easy to read aloud and interesting to listen to aloud and have quite a few classics within them as well. I'm Rachel, mother of 5 young kids living in the Florida panhandle with my Australian husband.

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  • 2. Read the Bible: It is our nourishment;
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The Best Christian Children’s Books Teaching Biblical Values

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Your practical, honest, and humble writing is a breath of fresh air! With help and encouragement drawn from your writing, I have made some incredible changes in the order and sanity of our home, in just the past few weeks. As time goes on, you become weaker and weaker. Our bodies need nourishment to live. It is through our spirit we can have contact with God. Our spirit is what will enter eternity and it needs nourishment to be alive and awake to the will of God. To commit sin is to transgress or disobey these laws. In other words, it is contaminated and motivated by the sinful The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

It contains infinite help and wisdom.

1. Read the Bible: It contains God’s will for our lives

And, when it is read and obeyed in a spirit of faith, it leads us to unimaginable spiritual growth. It is a holy two-edged sword that divides between our will and the will of God, a fire that consumes impurity and a hammer that has power to demolish all innate sin! The Bible contains all the instruction that we need to come to a life of true purity and righteousness. It teaches us how we can follow Christ in truth. It contains words and examples from heroes of faith, prophets, apostles, Jesus Christ and God Himself!

What better teaching, what better instruction is there for those who want to live a life that is well-pleasing to God our Creator? After we have made the firm decision to serve God wholeheartedly and refrain from sinning against Him, we will still experience temptation in our lives. James says that we are tempted when we are drawn away and enticed by our own lusts and desires. James He even tempted Jesus, trying to get Him to give into egotism, pride and self-seeking. But, for each temptation Jesus faced, He had a counterattack. Do you also have a counterattack for every temptation that you face in life?

It is a sword that gives us power and authority to overcome in the midst of temptation. Why not pick up this sword today?

source link And finally, not least of all, the Bible is full of extraordinary promises. It speaks of the all things that belong to the God-fearing! To him who overcomes, I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. Are you livingly interested in these precious promises? Do you want to see what God does, and will do, for those who live according to His will? Then, by all means, pick up your Bible! It will tell you of all the promises that can be yours, both in this life and in eternity, if you do the will of God.

You may be interested in reading more articles about the riches we obtain when read the Bible. Used by permission.

Where should I start reading the Bible?

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