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Getting students excited to read more about their passions is a great way to differentiate ELA practice! Teachers can now correct this and restore any lost coins. To do this, visit your Roster page and click the gear next to the student whose coin balance needs to be updated. These problems include open-ended conceptual, situational, and visual questions. There is often more than one way to correctly answer the question, and they require students to "construct" or develop their own answers without the benefit of any suggestions or choices.

Julianne Moore

You can now view all ELA standards in your teacher dashboard for quick reference. This is great for grouping students into same-level or mixed-level groups when you want the class to practice a particular standard! Any assignments you create will appear in order in the From My Teacher section. Freckle's new Text Levels are an easier way for teachers to know what level students are reading at.

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Rise to stardom

New ELA skills domain for Claims and Evidence Your students can now select Claims and Evidence when they work on Skills Practice, or you can assign this domain to your students when you want them to work on it! Her true passion, however, always remained with flying. For some time, Earhart and Putnam worked secretly on plans for Earhart to make a solo flight across the Atlantic.

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This would be the first woman and second solo person to make the flight. Almost immediately, the flight was plagued by poor weather, thick clouds and ice on the wings.

The Truth About Freckles

For her hour flight, Earhart received many honors and became an international hero. She wanted to be the first woman to do it. They began the 29,mile journey heading east.

TBDC :: Trisha Brown Biography

After 29 days of flight, they touched down in Lae, New Guinea. The remaining 7, miles would be done over the Pacific. The plan required landing on Howland Island, located between Hawaii and Australia and 2, miles away from Lae. At only 1. Special navigation precautions were taken, including establishing radio communication with U.

Coast Guard ship Itasca off Howland Island. At 10 a. They encountered problems with overcast skies and rain showers early on.

Some witnesses reported that the radio antenna may have been damaged, and other experts suggest that their maps may have been inaccurate. As they neared Howland Island, they were unable to make sufficient connection with the Itasca or to land on the island. Though the Itasca began a rescue attempt immediately and the search continued for weeks, nothing was found. On Jan. For a long time, the most likely explanation was that the plane ran out of fuel and the flyers ditched or crashed and then died at sea.

Amelia Earhart: Biography & Disappearance

More recently, another theory has gained some traction. It holds that the flyers landed on uninhabited Nikumaroro Island, formerly called Gardner Island.

They caught fish, seabirds and turtles and collected rainwater. Earhart died at a campsite on the island's southeast end. Noonan's fate is unknown. This theory is based on on-site investigations that have revealed improvised tools, bits of clothing, plexiglass and an aluminum panel.