Manual Financial Accounting, Eleventh Edition

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These latest methodologies and technology ensure that readers learn basic concepts in accounting in a way that is relevant, stimulating, and fun, while exercises and examples from real-world companies help readers gain a better grasp of the material. MyAccountingLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.

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If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyAccountingLab search for:. By Olivia on Mar 06, I was nervous about starting a graduate level accounting class, so I bought two other financial accounting textbooks at used bookstores in order to prepare for this class, and I'm glad I did because they explained more about the topic than this book - which was the required book for the class.

This text does a great job of making a boring and difficult subject even more confusing and frustrating. The My Accounting Lab is a mess, and a lot of the quizzes contain material from later chapters and take hours to find the information for. The eText Pages option during quizzes and homework take you to pages that don't actually cover the material they're supposed to, and my professor actually stopped using My Accounting Lab a third of the way through the semester because the class was having so many difficulties and the help line didn't provide solutions.

By far my worst experience with a text book and online lab! A note to the people complaining about not received the access code when buying used: used books generally don't come with access to the online labs. Some texts have free websites to accompany their books, but they won't specify having to use an access code to get into those sites. By Wolf. I was put off by the price but found it is worth every penny. The overall layout is very logical, each chapter has numerous 'real world' examples and ends with more sample problems than you could ever hope to solve.

I started out knowing absolutely nothing about accounting, now I have a firm foundation thanks more to this excellent book than my professor I will never sell this book.


I purchased this book on August 21, The first problem I had was the shipping delay. Though it arrived the day after it shipped, it did not ship until September 4, 2 weeks after the class I needed it for had begun.

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This was my own problem, however, as the order confirmation included the delay, but I did not notice until a few days after I placed the order. The real problem with this order was the misleading book description. After speaking with amazon customer service, I found that even though the page I ordered it from said it was included, this was a description for the wrong product.

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In the box where you can select between the kindle, hardcover, and looseleaf versions of the text, you must click the minuscule plus sign next to looseleaf to see a more expensive version that includes the access code. There is no indication that this step is necessary to receive the code, and I would not have known had I not spoken with amazon customer service.

In short, you should look elsewhere to find this text. The shipping delay and missing access code were very irritating, but that aside, the loose leaf edition is just an unbound stack of 3-hole punched papers. Look for a new copy at your university bookstore, and save yourself a massive headache. A Customer on Sep 21, I used the book for a review course covering Prin.

It includes excellent graphics and illustrations. Basic accounting topics are discussed and illustrated clearly. Mid and end chapter problems were great reviews. I highly recommend this book as an introduction to basic accounting concepts.

Financial Accounting 11th Edition Harrison Test Bank

By Alexander Hopp on Jan 19, Please do everything you can to not support this book. The hard copy as a loose leaf basically makes it worthless after you are done making it impossible to sell. If you absolutely have to buy it you have to do what you have to do. I would understand if maybe the world of accounting was completely overhauled since the 9th edition came out but everyone knows that didn't happen.

Its people like this that are making our education system tail spin into the dumps because no one can afford it. Its criminal. By A Dad on Sep 26, What I like about the Horngren Series is the practicality of it. This series still manages to usually hold the number of pages down to about less than its quite excellent major competitors Weygandt-Kieso-Kimmel, Wild-Larson-Chiappetta, and Stickey-Weil-Schipper-Francis.

Financial Accounting 11th Edition

It's still a large-dimension hardcover and this Horngren book has pages. That's plenty of space for one course, and Horngren provides more than enough easy-access online materials as well. Horngren is mainly used by university students although Weygandt-Kieso-Kimmel have gained market share. But Horngren also recognizes that most financial accountants do not need an accounting degree.

They need to understand accounting and know how to do their specific jobs. In fact, I've long noticed the small ratio of accountants working in accounting departments that actually have accounting degrees. However, now the SEC allows companies headquartered outside the U. Provided that auditors have the expertise to assess the accuracy of financial statements and the integrity to report any problems they discover, the investing public can put more faith in statements that are audited.

One becomes a CPA by a combination of education, qualifying experience, and the passing of a two-day national examination. In addition, there are many more ethical standards that pertain to accountants. Some folks call accounting the moral guardian of companies. This reputation has been sullied recently by corporate scandals that went undetected or, at least, unreported by accountants , but accountants are working to regain the high ethical regard they have traditionally maintained.

In addition, experience in accounting is valuable to anyone in an organization. Many operating executives got their start in accounting. It provided them a broad knowledge of the company and brought them into contact with managers throughout the organization. The fundamental accounting principles apply equally to nonprofit also called not- for-profit and profit-seeking organizations. Managers and accountants in hospitals, universities, government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations use financial statements.

They need to raise and spend money, prepare budgets, and judge financial performance. Nonprofit organizations need to use their limited resources wisely, and financial statements are essential for judging their use of resources. The double- entry concept is important because it emphasizes that there are assets and claims on assets. In the balance sheet, for example, borrowing money provides an asset, cash, and creates a liability. In addition to this conceptual benefit there is a clerical benefit.

Maintaining a balanced relationship provides an indicator of errors. If the balance sheet equation does not balance, an error has been made. The negative side of this is that many important things that affect the value of a firm are based on what will happen in the future. Thus, investors often worry about expectations and predictions. Of course, there is no way to agree on the accuracy of expectations and predictions. The positive side of historical financial statements is that they present a no-nonsense perspective on what actually happened, where the company was at a point in time, or what it accomplished over a period of time.

It is easier to predict the future when you know where you are and how you got there. You might liken the importance of historical financial statements to the importance of navigation instruments.

Financial accounting 11th edition harrison solutions manual by Diablo - Issuu

If you do not know where you are and where you are headed, it is very hard to get to where you want to go. Most people who refer to accountants as historians intend it as a criticism, although, as indicated above, a historical focus ensures that the data are measurable and verifiable. The notion behind the importance of the corporation is that for any substantial growth to occur there must be a system for organizing resources and using them over long periods of time.

The corporate form of ownership helps companies raise large amounts of capital via stock issuance as well as borrowing.

It allows us to separate ownership from management. It protects the personal assets of shareholders, and because their maximum losses can be limited, more risky undertakings can be financed. Finally, it has perpetual life so its activity is not disrupted by the death of any shareholder. Corporations operate under a set of established rules of behavior for entering into contracts and being sure that other parties can be relied upon to uphold their side of an agreement.

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Accounting helped corporations emerge as the dominant economic organization in the world. Without accounting it would be difficult to coordinate the activities of large corporations.

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  5. It would be especially difficult to separate management from ownership if accounting did not provide information about the performance of managements. The fact that you personally do not recognize the name of the audit firm should not be a problem, because only CPAs can perform public audits and sign audit opinions. Every state has strict procedures for licensing CPAs, so such people are qualified. Nevertheless, audit firms develop reputations, and ones with a positive public image may give some financial statement users more confidence in the financial statements they audit.

    See Exhibit Equipment and furniture could be in two separate accounts rather than combined. Note that transaction 9 is not covered directly in the text. However, it should be possible to figure out the accounting for it from similar items that are covered.